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Double Helix Dab Rig

Double Helix Dab Rig

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Designed after the woven code within all of us, The Double Helix Dab Rig is a beatifully crafted piece of glass. Housed withing 3mm glass walls the dab rig's DNA spins on a delicately molded glass on glass hinge. The double helix spins rapidly as smoke and air travel up through three holes located above the lower water chamber that houses a tree of life perc intricately designed in it's own right. The lower perc is housed in the water pipes 4" wide base which on it's own is sturdy enough and only gets more stable when water is added.  

A variety of colored glass accents adorn the Double Helix that twirls like a ballerina in the center of the can rigs frame. Additional color accents of your choosing can be found on the easy to grip bent neck mouthpiece with multiple maria ring accents, and the Flower of Life perc with the color also going from the perc itself up the fused downstem and 14mm female dewars joint on the outside of the bong. The neck of the rig acts as a built in splashguard and includes a 14mm male quartz banger, but this piece is also compatible with dry herbs.

The key to life and evolution lies in our DNA, However the key to your next smoking session and evolved fusion of smoke and water lies right here in the Double Helix Rig.

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